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100% Grass Fed Lamb:

Boneless Leg of Lamb: $15/lb (~3lbs)
Rib Roast/Rack: $15/lb (~3/4lb)
Lamb Shank: $13/lb (2 per package, range from ~1-1.5lb per pack)
Loin Chops: $15/lb (2 per package, ~ 0.5lbs packs)
Rib Chops: $15/lb (2 per package, ~ 0.5lbs packs)
Ground Lamb: $12/lb (1lb packages)
Stew Meat: $12/lb (0.75-1lb packs)

Pastured Pork - Fed 100% Certified Organic Grain

Pork Chops: $10/lb (2 per pack - ~1/2lb packs)
Rib Pork Chops (Boneless): $10/lb (2 per pack - ~3/4-1lb packs)
Sirloin End Chops (Boneless): $6/lb (2 per pack - ~1lb packs)
Ground Pork Sausage: $10/lb (1lb Packages)
Link Pork Sausage: $12/lb (~1-1.25lb packages)
      (Sweet Italian and Breakfast)
Spare Ribs: $6/lb (~1.5lb packages)
Maple Sugar Cured Ham Roast: $10/lb (4-5lb bone in roasts)
Maple Sugar Cured Ham Steak: $10/lb (each steak ~1.5lbs)
Bacon (Nitrite/Nitrate Free! Hickory smoked with maple syrup!): $14/lb (1lb packages)

Courser Farm Maple Syrup

½ Pint: $6
Pint: $11
Quart: $20
½ Gallon: $35
If you would like to order ahead please contact us by Tuesday at midnight.

Thank you!