Idaho Pasture Pigs For Sale

We are expecting five litters to be born here at Courser Meadows in Spring, 2022. We will have Registered breeding stock, both gilts and boars, and unrelated breeding pairs and trios, as well as feeder piglets. To see pictures and lineages of our sows & boars of these litters, visit our Idaho Pasture Pigs page. Piglets should be ready to go home in April/May.
Piglet Prices:
Spring 2022 Litters: Contact us to get on our waitlist.
Barrow/unregistered feeder pig: $150 ($125ea - 2 or more purchased)
Registered, breed-quality gilt: $500
Registered, breed-quality boar: $400
Registered Breeding Pair: $800
Registered Breeding Trio (1 Boar, 2 Gilts): $1200

Some of the piglets from past litters