Welcome to Courser Meadows!

We are a small, grass-based farm located in Warner, NH where we raise Katahdin Sheep, Idaho Pasture Pigs, Broilers, Egg Layers, and Tri-Purpose Cattle for dairy, beef, and oxen (including Lowline Angus, Miniature Jerseys, and Irish Jerseys). In our farm store, we offer 100% Grass-Fed Raw Milk & Yogurt, Free-Range Eggs, a variety of meats, including Pasture-Raised Broilers (fed 100% Certified Organic Grain), 100% Grass-Fed Beef, 100% Grass-Fed Lamb, and Pasture-Raised Pork (fed 100% Certified Organic Grain). We strive to raise our animals in a humane and comfortable environment while producing healthy, delicious, local products for you and your family. To see what we currently have available click on our Online Store page or contact us.

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