Mini Oxen

Oxen Teams


Here at Courser Meadows we are passionate about the art of training cattle to a yoke to be used as working steers and oxen. Cattle are a species that are growing in popularity as pets, and using them for actual work or as a hobby for parades and showing at fairs is on the rebound. Mini cattle make great oxen for many people since they grow large enough for light to medium work loads, but stay small enough that they are not nearly as expensive to keep as say larger breeds such as Holsteins or Shorthorns. Therefore, they can be kept around for use and enjoyment for much longer without being cost prohibitive. Not to mention their small size is much less intimidating to many and are easy to work around for their entire lifespan (Dexters can live and work long into their teens!). Email us if you have any questions or would like to be put on a waiting list for when we have a matched team of calves available. All calves are sold halter trained and weaned.