100% Grass-fed Raw Milk

Courser Meadows offers delicious 100% Grass-fed Raw Milk and Yogurt for sale from our Dexters and Irish Jerseys. We work hard to maintain a healthy herd and sanitary milking environment to provide nutritious products for our customers. All dairy cows are tested annually for TB, Brucellosis, Johnes, and BLV, and milk samples are tested regularly for bacteria for quality assurance. Our dairy cows are fed a 100% grass-based diet that is supplemented with certified-organic kelp, and Redmond's trace minerals. All of our dairy products are free of GMO's, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Our dairy cows are spoiled and well cared for and thus are able to be happy (we think so anyway!) and productive herd members for far longer than on typical commercial farms. At least half the year, when they are grazing in the fields, we rotate them daily to a new pasture so they are always on fresh green grass. The rest of the year they still have access to the outdoors, and eat hay from our own fields.

Half gallon: $4.00/, plus $2.00 jar deposit
Quart: $2.50/, plus $2.00 jar deposit

  • Limited supply at the farm store; feel free to contact us for availability.
  • Feel free to call or email to reserve milk with the amount & date you want to pick up, and it will be labeled in the farm fridge for you.


Our creamy, delicious yogurts, made in small batches, are full of healthful probiotics. The Plain Yogurt contains no additives besides milk and yogurt culture. Flavored yogurts contain pure natural extracts (free of propylene glycol), and are lightly sweetened with Courser Farm's 100% Pure Maple Syrup. No cane sugars, thickeners, or other additives are used. All yogurts are sold in quart glass jars.

Plain Yogurt: $5.00/quart, plus $2.00 jar deposit
Flavored Yogurts -
  • Maple, Lemon, or Coffee: $6.00/quart, plus $2.00 jar deposit
  • Vanilla: $7.00/quart, plus $2.00 jar deposit