To see what we currently have available in individual meat cuts, visit our Farm Store page. But if you're interested in having meat always on hand, right in your own freezer, at a discounted price, consider purchasing a whole or half share! See info below.


  • $5.00/lb hanging weight for whole share (average whole share HW is 250 - 400lbs)
  • $5.50/lb hanging weight for half share

We offer beef from our 100% grass­fed and finished Dexter, Lowline Angus, and Irish Jerseys. Our cattle are on rotational pasture May-November (if Mother Nature allows!) and hay fed from our own fields the remainder of the year. These grass-fed cows have delicious meat and since these are small breeds with high carcass yields, studies have shown that their cuts are slightly smaller and have smaller striations in the muscles and thus are generally more tender compared to larger beef breeds. Smaller statured cattle also allow people to purchase a whole or half side of beef for less, but with a great variety of cuts, burgers, and roasts to take home. We sell our beef USDA inspected, and shares typically contain approximately 50% Steaks, 50% Ground/Roasts, but custom cutting is available to your specifications w/reservation (we are happy to go over the cut sheet w/you). Processing and packaging is included in the price.

Whole or Half shares available in Late Summer 2019. Call or email to reserve. $100 deposit is required to reserve your share. Final weight determined at butcher.

Also sold in our farm store as individual cuts, burger, and roasts, year round, as available.


100% Grass-fed!

Prices include all processing and packaging

  • $7.00/lb hanging weight for a whole share (reserved in advance)
  • $7.50/lb hanging weight for half share (reserved in advance)

Also sold in our farm store as individual cuts, burger, and sausage, year round, as available.

At Courser Meadows, we raise our sheep on rotational pasture for lamb and livestock sales. We raise Katahdin Sheep for their grazing capabilities and lean, flavorful meat. Our USDA inspected lamb is 100% grass fed, which in addition to being healthier, is also very mild in flavor, as “mutton” taste is found in fattier meat, usually due to being fed grain/corn. Whole and half shares available in Summer, 2019. Call or email to reserve your share! $50 deposit is required to hold your share.


$4.75/lb fresh, certain weekends throughout the summer/fall (10% discount for reservations of 5 or more) -

Call or email to reserve yours or to find out our next processing date.

Offered frozen from the farm store the remainder of the year as available.

Broilers at Courser Meadows are raised free-range on pasture and fed 100% certified organic feed. Since they have room to move around and are allowed to browse on a diverse diet of grasses, seeds, and insects they have great flavor! As with all our animals, we strive to raise them in a humane and stress­free environment. Broilers range from 3-7lbs and are available fresh 3 or 4 times from June until October.