At Courser Meadows we choose to raise Idaho Pasture Pigs for a variety of reasons:

  • They are great for grass-based farms like ours, because of their shorter, upturned snout, they actually graze on grass instead of rooting up pastures. As well as this being better for farms that depend on their pastures and don't want them ruined, it also saves on grain costs as IPP's supplement their diet with grass and hay, AND it makes for a healthier (higher in omega 3's), tastier, and more marbled meat.
  • They make excellent, docile mothers and have vigorous, fast growing piglets.
  • Both boars and sows have excellent temperaments, and as the mature weight for boars is 300-400lbs, and 250-300 for sows, it makes having breeding pairs more feasible to care for year round as their overall consumption will be far lower than larger traditional breeds.
  • Reach market weight (200-250lbs.) and ready for processing at 6-9 months.

In addition to raising pork for our customers at Courser Meadows, we also have two unrelated breeding pairs that we sell feeder pigs and registered breeding stock from.

Our Breeding Pairs

Charlotte and Ferdinand:
Charlotte (New Moon line). Tri Color. Our favorite pig on the whole farm. She is a perfect example of what an IPP snout should look like. She is a fabulous mother and had her first litter (by Ferdinand) of 8 piglets in Sept. 2016.
Ferdinand (Gary Line) is a beautiful Ginger and black boar with a great personality and nice confirmation.
Buttercup and Westley
Buttercup (Petunia line – Tri color) and Westley (Triton line – Black and white) have come all the way from White Bison Farm in Wisconsin and should have their first litter in Spring 2017. They are both unrelated to our other pair, which allows us to sell breeding pairs to people wishing to breed and raise their own piglets.

Spring 2017 Prices (Check our For Sale page for current Fall 2016 prices):
Barrow/unregistered feeder pig: $150 ($125ea - 2 or more purchased)
Registered, breed quality gilt: $500
Registered, breed quality boar: $400
Registered Breeding Pairs: $800

Contact us for availability or to be put on a reservation list for Spring 2017 piglets - they're going fast!