We will have litters born here at Courser Meadows in March/April, 2019. We will have Registered breeding stock, both gilts and boars, and feeder piglets. To see pictures and lineages of our sows & boars of these litters, visit our Idaho Pasture Pigs page. Piglets should be ready to go home in mid April/May/June.
Spring 2019 Litters:
Barrow/unregistered feeder pig: $150 ($125ea - 2 or more purchased)
Registered, breed-quality gilt: $500
Registered, breed-quality boar: $400
Registered Breeding Pairs: $800
We are now accepting deposits on our Spring 2019 Litters, and will have unrelated breeding stock available, as well as feeders/barrows. Contact us for more info.

Sold piglets from past litters